42matters updates
42matters updates

Advanced Query API — Filter Apps by SDKs and Permissions

We’ve updated our Advanced Query APIs! Now you’ll be able to filter apps by the SDKs they use and the permissions they require. Give both filters a try by visiting the Advanced Query API pages (Android, iOS) on our website and selecting either ‘Filter by SDKs’ or ‘Filter by Permissions’ from the dropdown labeled ‘Example Queries to get you started.’

iOS Permissions Filter

We’ve upgraded Explorer with an iOS permissions filter. With this, you’ll be able to filter iOS apps by the various permissions they require — camera access, microphone access, location information, etc. We’ve also released a corresponding API called Search by Permission API for iOS Apps.

Apple Watch Compatibility Filter

We’ve upgraded Explorer with an Apple Watch compatibility filter. Now you’ll be able to filter iOS apps by whether or not they are compatible with the Apple Watch. You’ll find this feature in the ‘Device Compatibility’ section alongside ‘iPhone,’ ‘iPad,’ and ‘Universal.’ If you are not yet an Explorer user, register for a free 14-day trial or contact our mobile app intelligence experts for a free demo.

Launchpad improvements

Our platform keeps growing fast, so we improved the Launchpad to better access our products and their features. Give it a try :)

App-ads.txt upgrade

We’ve upgraded the app-ads.txt functionality in App Market Explorer. Now you can filter apps by app-ads.txt records. Register for a free 14-day trial or contact our mobile app intelligence experts for a free demo.

Connected TV App-ads.txt

42matters is happy to announce that we now support App-ads.txt for Connected TV (CTV) - Roku, FireTV and tvOS. Don't hesitate to jump directly on a demo to learn more.

App Content Rankings per Country

We've released App Content Ratings supporting ESRB, PEGI, USK, ACB, ClassInd, GRAC - South Korea, IARC and the Apple App Store Rating System. Suitable for adtech businesses to display ads to the proper audiences or parental control apps. Data is available as a File Dump download for enterprise customers.

Download estimates are here!

Today we are excited to announce that Explorer is now showing estimates of daily app downloads, split by countries, for millions of apps on Google Play and iOS app stores. Interested? Let's jump on a demo: https://42matters.com/demo

Login improvements

We improved the security of our website and updated our login mechanism to make the platform even more secure.

App-Ads.txt API

We have released the App-Ads.txt API for Android and for iOS. It returns the Authorized Digital Sellers for all apps, please find more details on our blog and documentation.